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Sun hillside, Mont-Tremblant


The Versant Soleil project is notable for its recreational and touristic features. Infrastructure development of this sector will form the basis of a future village that will strike a balance between the nature of the site, preserving the environment and the mountain and the hiking trails. A lake is to be created, subsequent development of hotels, building and businesses, ski area, roads and services.

Technical description:

The mandate was to develop preliminary and final civil engineering plans and specifications and to provide the following services during construction:

  • Lake embankment and reshaping of the base;
  • Primary access road;
  • Evacuation traffic lane, construction access road and crushing area
  • Road around the lake;
  • Roundabout junction;
  • Services corridor for the village and drainage of the base;
  • Extension of Chemin Duplessis waterworks;
  • Sewerage and underground electrical network.
Total cost of work:

Civil engineering costs: $11,000,000


20 months

Start: September 2004; completion: August 2006

Main practical difficulties and constraints:

Versant Soleil village is a project involving multiple disciplines: civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydrology, watershed management, environmental conservation, environmental compliance, etc. Close coordination ensured the completion of a feasible and profitable project. In addition, the topographical conditions of the site and its environmental sensitivity were constraints that forced us to be proactive in protecting the environment throughout the construction period.

Services provided by MHA:

Design and preliminaries ; Preparatory Studies & Expertise ; Plans and specifications for execution ; Services during construction (monitoring)

Number of professionals participating: 9
Breakdown of workforce: Professionals: 5; Technicians: 4
Project Manager(s): Serge Marchand, eng.
Other professionals:
  • Landscape Architect : Projet Paysage
  • Urbanist : Daniel Arbour et Associés
  • Laboratory : Inspec-Sol
References: Intrawest, M. Gaétan Cormier 514.798.3047
1332, rue Beaubien EstMontreal (Quebec) H2G 1K8
69, Boulevard de la Seigneurie EstBlainville (Quebec) J7C 4M9

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